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ENRD Resource Manual

28. Letter Advising Landowners Of Filing Of Action And Deposit Of Funds

Re: Civil Action No.:

Tract No(s).:

Amount deposited as estimated just compensation: $


The United States heretofore has filed a condemnation suit to acquire an interest in certain land owned by you, designated by tract number(s) as above, and has deposited in the registry of the United States District Court, as estimated just compensation, the sum of money indicated above.

This estimated compensation is based upon appraisals made by competent appraisers, but the amount is not binding upon either you or the government. The exact amount to be paid for the taking of your land will be determined either by agreement or by trial. However, the amount deposited is available for distribution in the discretion of the court to those found to be entitled to payment, without regard to whether or not an agreement has been reached and without prejudice to your right to claim a larger amount. If you desire to withdraw a portion of the amount on deposit, please advise this office. If, on the other hand, you are willing to accept the sum specified above as full payment of just compensation for the condemnation of the designated interest in your land, please notify us of that fact as soon as possible.

We will appreciate hearing from you, either by telephone or by letter, at your earliest convenience, so that we may know whether a trial of the issue of just compensation will be necessary in this case.

Very truly yours,

United States Attorney

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