Elder Fraud Initiative

Elder Fraud Initiative

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Fraud schemes targeting older Americans are despicable crimes.

Robbing victims of hard-earned savings and security, elder fraud schemes prey on victims’ trust and ruin lives.  The Consumer Protection Branch is committed to stopping such schemes.  The Branch is the Department of Justice’s leader in prosecuting elder fraud crimes, using all tools available to halt ongoing schemes and bring culpable persons to justice. 

Specifically, the Branch coordinates the Department’s Transnational Elder Fraud Strike Force, working with six United States Attorneys’ Offices and law enforcement agencies to investigate and prosecute scams run by transnational criminal organizations, including:


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The Branch also leads efforts to prosecute those individuals and entities that offer criminally inadequate and fraudulent care to nursing home residents.  In all these efforts, the Branch is aided by its investigative partners, including the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, FBI, Federal Trade Commission, and FinCEN.

The Branch also serves a critical role in coordinating multi-district and international initiatives, and in advising and training the Elder Justice Coordinators in each U.S. Attorney’s Office.  Department leadership also regularly seeks the Branch’s guidance on relevant policies and proposed legislation.  In addition, Branch personnel serve on key Department, interagency, and international working groups, helping to devise new approaches to combat elder fraud.  Much of this work is done in coordination with the Department’s Elder Justice Initiative.

The links on this page offer information on the Branch’s work against elder fraud schemes and resources for reporting such schemes and dealing with their effects.


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Gustav W. Eyler
Branch Director


Jill P. Furman
Deputy Branch Director


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