Elder Justice Initiative (EJI)

Elder Justice Initiative (EJI)

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Elder abuse is a complex issue that intersects with many disciplines.

Elder abuse can happen to anyone.  It affects people of every ethnic background, gender, and financial status. 

Abused seniors are 3 times more likely to die than non-abused seniors. Cognitive decline is a risk factor for elder abuse, including financial exploitation. Approximately 1 in 10 seniors is abused each year. Abused seniors are more likely to be placed in nursing homes than non-abused older adults. Elder abuse is dramatically underreported. Only 1 in every 23 cases is reported to Adult Protective Services.


You are a front line defender against elder abuse. 

Everyone has a role in preventing and combatting elder abuse. We have tools and guidance that can help you effectively take action.



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Take impactful elder abuse messaging to your community with our ready-to-use, research rich elder abuse presentations and pamphlets

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