Alaska State Contact For International Prisoner Transfer

K. Brann Wade
Chief Classification Officer
1300 E. 4th Avenue
Anchorage, AK 99501
PH: (907) 269-7425
FX: (907) 269-7439
Pamela Martin
Deputy Classification Officer
PH: (907) 269-7424
FX: (907) 269-7439
Jo Ann Wallace
Deputy Classification Officer
PH: (907) 269-7423


Sec. 33.30.291.  Treaties.  If a treaty in effect between the United States and a foreign country provides for the transfer or exchange of prisoners sentenced to serve a term of incarceration to the country where they are citizens or nationals, the commissioner may, on behalf of the state and subject to the terms of the treaty, consent to the transfer or exchange of prisoners and take any other action necessary to initiate the participation of the state in the treaty.  (§  6 ch 88 SLA 1986)

Secs. 33.30.300 - 33.30.900.  Crime against convict in penitentiary. [Repealed, § 12 ch 88 SLA 1986.]

Updated September 4, 2018

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