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Criminal Division Pilot Program On Voluntary Self-Disclosures For Individuals

The Criminal Division has launched a Pilot Program on Voluntary Self-Disclosures for Individuals designed to encourage voluntary self-disclosure by individual participants in certain types of criminal conduct involving corporations.  In exchange for self-disclosing, fully cooperating with authorities, and paying any applicable victim compensation, restitution, forfeiture, or disgorgement, including returning any ill-gotten gains, the Criminal Division will enter into a non-prosecution agreement (NPA) where certain specified conditions are met.  This Pilot Program provides transparency regarding the circumstances in which Criminal Division prosecutors will offer mandatory NPAs to incentivize individuals (and their counsel) to provide original and actionable information.  Receiving such information will help us investigate and prosecute criminal conduct that might otherwise go undetected or be impossible to prove, and will, in turn, further encourage companies to create compliance programs that help prevent, detect, and remediate misconduct and to report misconduct when it occurs. 

The Policy can be found here Policy Effective 4-15-24

Our Intake Form can be found here VSD Intake Form Effective 4-15-24

Please download and complete the VSD Intake Form and email it to the following email address:

Updated April 15, 2024