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Herbert “Jack” Miller

Herbert J. Miller, Jr.

Herbert J. Miller, Jr. (1961-1965)

Early History: Herbert John Miller, Jr. was born in Minneapolis in 1924.  After serving in the Army during World War II, he received his undergraduate and law degrees from The George Washington University.  Mr. Miller began his career in private practice where he helped monitor activities of the Teamsters Union.  By 1958, he had become a partner at his law firm.

Tenure: In 1961, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy recommended Mr. Miller to be the Assistant Attorney General of the Criminal Division.  During his tenure as Assistant Attorney General, Mr. Miller emphasized the prosecution of organized crime.  The Criminal Division obtained convictions against James Hoffa for jury tampering and Bobby Baker, a Senate secretary, for influence peddling.

Later Career: Mr. Miller left the Department in 1965 and founded his own law firm, Miller, Cassidy, Larroca, & Lewin, which quickly became one of Washington’s leading criminal defense firms.  Mr. Miller became a prominent supporter of Robert Kennedy’s 1968 presidential effort and served as a pallbearer at Robert Kennedy’s funeral.  In 1970, Mr. Miller ran unsuccessfully for lieutenant governor of Maryland.

During the Watergate scandal, Mr. Miller represented President Richard Nixon and convinced him to accept a presidential pardon, despite its implication of guilt.  Mr. Miller also represented Senator Edward Kennedy in the Chappaquiddick scandal.  In one of Mr. Miller’s obituaries, former Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick said that he “had highly visible clients that no one will ever know consulted him.  He probably knew more ways in and out of the White House than anyone, including the Secret Service.”

Prior to his death in 2009 at age 85, Mr. Miller lived on a 200-acre farm in Maryland and often commented on his enjoyment of chopping wood.  At the time of his death, his wife of 61 years  survived him, along with two sons and five grandchildren.

This material is based on the review of a variety of historical sources and its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. If you have any corrections or additional information about this individual or about the history of the Criminal Division, please contact the Division.

Updated August 22, 2016