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CRS Releases New Educational Program to Counter Antisemitism

On May 31, 2024, marking the end of Jewish American Heritage Month, the Community Relations Service (CRS) announced the development of a new public education program to prevent and combat antisemitism in America. Created by the Justice Department’s Community Relations Service, the “Understanding and Building Relationships with Jewish Communities” program is designed to educate law enforcement, schools, religious and secular communities, and public and private organizations toward a more positive and supportive engagement with Jewish Americans and communities.

The new program is a five-part, four-hour training that affords participants a deeper understanding of the Jewish culture and experiences and an opportunity to create strategies to construct stronger relationships with Jewish communities. Informed by current data and peer-reviewed historical research, and produced in consultation with representatives from major Jewish organizations in the United States, the program offers:

  • historically accurate lessons on the identity, beliefs, practices, and values of Jewish communities;
  • a clear view of the harm caused by antisemitism and misconceptions about Jewish and communities, including hate crimes against Jewish Americans;
  • methods to prevent hate crimes and antisemitism; and
  • a process to design concrete steps toward a “community engagement plan” that would build inter-community relationships based on mutual trust, communication, and respect.

CRS is proud to partner with major Jewish organizations to produce this program and looks forward to continuing that partnership in offering this program to all communities in America.

In addition to this program, the Community Relations Service is in the process of finalizing a parallel program called “Engaging and Building Relationships with Arab Americans.” Several national Arab American organizations have provided consultations in the development process of that program.

The “Understanding and Building Relationships with Jewish Communities” program will be available to interested communities at no cost.

Communities and organizations interested in participating this program may contact Additional information about the Community Relations Service’s work with communities facing hate crimes, discrimination, and conflict based on race, religion, and other protected characteristics is available on its website at

Updated June 3, 2024