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Event Marshals: Maintaining Safety During Public Events

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Event marshals play a vital role in ensuring that events are safe and enjoyable for everyone involved. Event marshals may serve the following functions:

  1. Safety and Order: The primary role of an event marshal is to maintain safety. They keep an eye out for potential hazards or disruptions, and make sure that participants and attendees follow event guidelines.
  2. Communication: Event marshals serve as a point of contact between event organizers and attendees. Marshals provide attendees with important information and can relay concerns or feedback to event planners.
  3. Direction and Flow: At larger events such as parades or marathons, marshals may help direct traffic or guide participants along a route.
  4. Assistance: Marshals may help with setting up and tearing down equipment, help lost attendees find their way, or provide basic first aid.
  5. Identifying and Addressing Issues: Marshals stay alert for any potential problems —such as medical emergencies or security concerns — and either address them directly or coordinate with appropriate parties to handle the situation.

Event Marshals: Maintaining Public Safety During Events is a three-hour training for community members to learn how to serve as an event marshal.

The training includes an overview of the role and responsibilities of event marshals and provides best practices for dealing with real-life scenarios. Participants also receive a quick reference guide with key information they may need during the event.

This training is helpful for community leaders planning any event where a crowd is expected, especially at parades and demonstrations. It is specifically designed for community members who want to volunteer as event marshals and have no experience working at public events.

Training Goals

By the end of the training, participants will know:

  • An event marshal’s role in maintaining public safety during events.
  • An event marshal’s responsibilities before, during and after events.
  • Solutions to potential issues that may come up during a public event.


Event Marshals Tipsheet (PDF)

Event Marshals: Maintaining Public Safety During Events (PDF)


Updated January 2, 2024