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Annual Reports

Annual Reports (PDF)

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CRS Strategic Plans

2020-2016 | 2014-2010



Podcast Series

Regional Office Videos

CRS at a Glance

CRS Fact Sheet (PDF)

CRS Programs and Services Guide (PDF) 

Working with Law Enforcement and Communities (PDF)

Strengthening Police and Community Partnerships Brochure (PDF)

School-SPIRIT Brochure (PDF)

City-SPIRIT Brochure (PDF)

Working with LGBTQ Communities (PDF)

Protecting Places of Worship Brochure (PDF)

Working with Communities Affected by Natural Disasters (PDF)

Working with Muslim, Arab, Sikh, South Asian, and Hindu Communities (PDF)

Muslim American Training Brochure (PDF)

Sikh American Training Brochure (PDF)

Addressing Conflict Based on Disability (PDF)

Event Marshals Training Brochure (PDF)

Contingency Planning Training Brochure (PDF)

Helping Communities Prevent and Respond to Hate Crimes (PDF)

CRS Presentation on Responding to Hate Crimes and Community Conflicts (PDF)

CRS Internship Brochure (PDF)

Police-Community Relations Toolkit: Policing 101 (PDF)

Police-Community Relations Toolkit: Understanding Bias: A Resource Guide (PDF)

Police-Community Relations Toolkit: Guide to Critical Issues in Policing (PDF)

Police-Community Relations Toolkit: Police Critical Incident Checklist (PDF)

Conflict Resolution in Indian Country (PDF)

The Community Relations Service and the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act (PDF)

Perceived Excessive Use of Force: Addressing Community Racial Tensions (PDF)

Police-Community Conflicts (PDF)

CRS and Environmental Justice (PDF)

CRS Mediation of Community Racial Disputes and Conflicts (PDF)

Responding to Excessive Use of Force (PDF)

Twenty Plus Things Schools Can Do to or Prevent Hate Incidents Against Arab-Americans, Muslims and Sikhs (PDF)

CRS Resources for Limited English Proficient Communities

 CRS Fact Sheet in Spanish (PDF)

CRS Fact Sheet in Arabic (PDF)

CRS Fact Sheet in Punjabi (PDF)

CRS Fact Sheet in Vietnamese (PDF)


Updated May 20, 2019

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