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About - Indian Working Group

Mission Statement

The mission and purpose of the Civil Rights Division's Indian Working Group is to assist the Division in meeting its law enforcement duties and responsibilities to Indian Country and Native American people. The Working Group promotes the Division's enforcement, outreach and educational opportunities concerning Native American issues within the Division, within the Department of Justice, and throughout the country. The Working Group also promotes the full inclusion of Native Americans in the Division's work force.

To support and encourage the leadership and management of the Division to vigorously enforce civil rights laws impacting upon Native Americans, the Indian Working Group will:

  • Identify and prioritize issues particularly affecting Native Americans that fall within the purview of the Division
  • Propose, coordinate, support, and monitor enforcement and outreach activities involving Native Americans among the various Sections of the Division
  • Coordinate between the Division and other Department components, including the Tribal Liaisons in United States Attorney's Offices, the Office of Tribal Justice, and other Divisions regarding matters involving Native Americans
  • Facilitate collaboration between the Division and other federal agencies regarding matters involving Native Americans
  • Develop and maintain relationships between the Division and the Native American community
  • Conduct outreach and provide education to Indian Country concerning the Division's work on behalf of Native Americans and the protections of the country's civil rights laws afforded to Native peoples
  • Educate Division and Department employees regarding the unique issues concerning the enforcement of civil rights law in Indian County
  • Serve as a resource to the Division regarding legislative and policy issues that might impact civil rights issues affecting Indian Country and/or Native Americans

To promote the full inclusion of Native Americans in the Division's work force, the Working Group will:

  • Assist the Division and the Department to develop and implement plans to increase and improve recruitment, hiring, retention, and promotion of qualified Native Americans within their work forces
  • Serve as a resource to the Division's and the Department's diversity efforts
Updated June 1, 2023