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Birdia Keglar - Adlena Hamlett


The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) opened an investigation into this matter based on a referral from the NAACP in the form of an April 2007, article titled “Still Burning,” published in the British newspaper The Guardian.  According to the article, on January 11, 1966, a car occupied by a group of voting-rights advocates crashed on a road near Sidon, Mississippi.
Birdia Keglar and Adlena Hamlett, the African-American victims, died in the crash.  The driver of the car, Grafton Gray (African-American), and the other two passengers, Jessie James Brewer (African-American) and XXXXXXXXX, were injured but survived.  The accident occurred when the car occupied by the victims was struck by another car, driven by Brown Bruce, Jr. (Caucasion); Bruce, Jr. also survived the accident. 

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Birdia Keglar - Adlena Hamlett
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Updated October 6, 2016