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City of Killeen, TX


On June 29, 2021, the United States entered a settlement agreement under Title II of the ADA with the City of Killeen, Texas, to remove architectural barriers to access in buildings such as City Hall, police stations, libraries, technology centers, community centers and places of recreation. The agreement requires the City to make changes to its facilities so that parking, routes into the buildings, entrances, restrooms, signage, service counters and drinking fountains are accessible to people with disabilities, and that auditoriums and arenas have the required wheelchair and companion seating. The agreement also requires the City to provide aids and services to ensure effective communication for individuals with hearing disabilities, establish accessible emergency shelters and services, assure that its websites are accessible to individuals with disabilities and implement a plan for the accessibility of sidewalks and curb cuts within the City.

Press Release

Case Open Date
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City of Killeen, TX
  • Accessible technology
  • alterations
  • Effective Communication
  • Emergency Management
  • New construction
  • Program access
Updated January 15, 2024