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Clarence Horatious Pickett


December 21, 1957, Clarence Horatious Pickett, an African-American Baptist minister, was arrested on a charge of being “plain drunk” near his home in Columbus, Georgia. The victim was transported to the Columbus City Jail (the jail), where he was placed in a cell for intoxicated detainees. According to four of other detainees, at about 5:00 p.m., the victim began yelling and cursing at Columbus Police Department (CPD) Officer Joseph Cameron, the subject, who was jailer that night. Cameron started beating the victim in the face and stomach until the victim fell to the floor. Cameron then started beating the non-resisting victim on the head with a “blackjack”. The subject also continued kicking the victim in the side and stomach, until the victim lost consciousness.

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Clarence Horatious Pickett
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Updated May 4, 2017