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Clinton Melton


On December 3, 1955, Clinton Melton, the African-American victim, was shot and killed by Elmer Otis Kimbell, the subject, at a Glendora, Mississippi, gas station where the victim was employed.  The subject was charged and tried on a state murder charge.  At the trial, Kimbell claimed that he shot the victim in self-defense after the victim shot at him three times, wounding him in the shoulder.  The subject admitted that the shooting occurred after an argument between him and the victim over the amount of gasoline the victim had pumped into his car.  XXXXX XXXXXX testified that after the argument over the amount of gasoline, Kimbell told XXXXXXX that he planned to go home, retrieve a gun, and come back to kill both the victim and XXXXXX.

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Clinton Melton
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Updated October 6, 2016