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John (Larry) Bolden


On May 3, 1958, John (Larry) Bolden, a 15-year-old African-American high school student, was fatally shot by Officer William Henry Taylor of the Chattanooga Police during an altercation in South Chattanooga, Tennessee.  The incident began when a resident complained she was being “annoyed” by several youths.  Officer Taylor and his partner, Lester Lee Shell, responded and confronted the victim, his XXXXXX and his XXXXXX  Shell communicated with XXXXXXXXXX and Taylor attempted to arrest the victim.  According to the subject, the victim “jumped” him.  The subject then struck the victim with a nightstick and the victim threw a trash can at the subject.  In response, the subject fired his gun three times, striking the victim twice in the chest.  The victim died in the hospital the next day.

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John (Larry) Bolden
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Updated October 6, 2016