Marshall Scott, Jr.


On January 23, 1965, Marshall Scott, Jr., an African-American laborer, died while in his solitary confinement cell at the Orleans Parish Prison (OPP) in New Orleans, Louisiana.  According to Scott’s death certificate, he died as a result of “confluent brochopneumonia.”
The FBI interviewed Scott’s XXXX in July 2007.  XX stated that X believed that XXX  had been beaten to death, and that XX suspicion was based on the fact that XX saw bruises on Scott’s body when XXXX received it for burial.  XXX stated that no one had ever told XX that XXXX was beaten and XX knew of no one who may have any evidence to substantiate XX allegations.

Incident Date: 
Saturday, January 23, 1965
Case Name: 
Marshall Scott, Jr.
Industry Code: 
Civil Rights Division
Updated October 6, 2016