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M.G. v. Cuomo


On February 12, 2021, the United States filed a Statement of Interest in the case of M.G. v. Cuomo. In M.G., a class of individuals with serious mental illness allege that they are placed at serious risk of unnecessary institutionalization upon their release from prison because the State of New York administers its mental health system in a discriminatory manner that fails to provide necessary community-based metal health housing and supportive services in violation of Title II of the ADA. The Statement of Interest explains that: (1) individuals who allege serious risk of institutionalization have standing to bring a Title II claim; and (2) allegations that a public entity administers its services in a discriminatory manner state a claim under Title II. 

Case Open Date
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M.G. v. Cuomo
  • Criminal justice
  • Integration
  • law enforcement
  • Olmstead
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Case Document
Updated January 16, 2024