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Milton Scott


On July 18, 1973, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Special Agent (SA) XXX shot and killed Milton Leon Scott, who was Black and Muslim, in front of Mr. Scott’s home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  SA XXX and SA XXX had gone to the victim’s home to arrest him, believing incorrectly that he had gone AWOL from the army.  As will be explained at greater length below, a man named XXX had stolen the victim’s identity, enlisted in the army, and then gone AWOL.  The SAs claimed that SA XXX shot Mr. Scott because he struggled with them and attempted repeatedly to take their weapons.  SA XXX stated that Mr. Scott picked up an object from the ground, which SA XXX thought was SA XXX’s gun (but was in fact SA XXX’s blackjack).  When Mr. Scott then lunged at SA XXX, SA XXX shot him.

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Milton Scott
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Updated July 21, 2022