Reverend Bruce Klunder


On April 7, 1964, Reverend Bruce Klunder, the victim, was crushed by a bulldozer driven by XXXXXXXXX the subject, during a civil rights demonstration opposing the construction of a segregated school in Mentor, Ohio.  Per media reports, there were approximately 150 demonstrators gathered at the construction site, which was guarded by Cleveland Police Department officers.  During the course of the demonstration, two women and a man rushed into the path of the bulldozer operated by XXXXXX.  Meanwhile, Reverend Klunder laid down on the ground behind the bulldozer.  In an effort to avoid hitting the individuals in front of the bulldozer, XXXXXX stopped the machine.  XXXXXX reportedly looked around, but did not see Reverend Klunder, then drove the bulldozer in reverse.  When XXXXXX stopped the bulldozer, he realized that he had crushed and killed Reverend Klunder.  XXXXXX was subsequently attacked by several onlookers who charged past police.

Incident Date: 
Tuesday, April 7, 1964
Case Name: 
Reverend Bruce Klunder
Industry Code: 
Civil Rights Division
Updated October 6, 2016