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United States v. Nelson (S.D. Cal.)


On June 3, 2021 the Court entered a consent order in United States v. Nelson (S.D. Cal.). The complaint alleges that Larry Nelson, who has owned and managed several four-unit rental properties in the San Diego, California area, engaged in a pattern or practice of sexual harassment of and retaliation against female tenants from at least 2005 to the present.  The consent order includes a permanent injunction against the harasser-defendant’s personal participation in property management; entry of a $580,000 judgment, $205,000 of which is immediately payable to the 13 identified aggrieved persons, $25,000 as a civil penalty, and $350,000 suspended in reliance on defendant’s certification of his inability to pay; agreement to vacate eviction and small claims actions against aggrieved persons; and other injunctive provisions.

Press Release (6/3/2021)
Press Release (6/11/2019)

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United States v. Nelson (S.D. Cal.)
Civil Rights
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Updated August 3, 2023