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United States v. Cadence Bank, N.A. (N.D. Ga.)


On August 31, 2021, the court approved the entry of a consent order resolving all claims in United States v. Cadence Bank, N.A. (N.D. Ga.).  On August 30, 2021, the United States filed the complaint and proposed consent order.  The complaint alleged that, from 2013 to 2017, Cadence engaged in unlawful redlining in the Houston area by avoiding providing credit services to predominantly Black and Hispanic neighborhoods because of the race, color, and national origin of the people living in those neighborhoods.  The department also alleged that Cadence’s branches were concentrated in majority-white neighborhoods, that the bank’s loan officers did not serve the credit needs of majority-Black and Hispanic neighborhoods, and that the bank’s outreach and marketing avoided those neighborhoods.  Under the consent order, the Bank will invest $4.17 million in a loan subsidy fund for residents of predominantly Black and Hispanic neighborhoods in the Houston area, $750,000 for development of community partnerships to provide services that increase access to residential mortgage credit in those neighborhoods, and at least $625,000 for advertising, outreach, consumer financial education, and credit repair initiatives.  Cadence will also dedicate at least four mortgage loan officers to majority-Black and Hispanic neighborhoods in Houston and open a new branch in one of those neighborhoods.

Press Release (8/30/2021)

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United States v. Cadence Bank, N.A. (N.D. Ga.)
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