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United States v. Steve's Towing, Inc. (E.D. Va.)


On April 17, 2023, the court entered a consent order in United States & John Doe v. Steve’s Towing, Inc. (E.D. Va.).  The complaint, which was filed on April 15, 2022, alleges that a Virginia Beach towing company violated the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) by auctioning off vehicles belonging to at least seven servicemembers without first obtaining the required court orders.  Some of the vehicles were towed from a military base while their owners were deployed overseas.  In addition to requiring the adoption of new policies to prevent future SCRA violations, the consent order orders the defendant to pay a total of $90,000 in monetary relief: $67,500 in damages to identified servicemembers; up to $12,500 for as-yet unidentified servicemembers; and a $10,000 civil penalty.

Press Release - 04/17/2023
Press Release - (04/15/2022)

Case Open Date
Case Name
United States v. Steve's Towing, Inc. (E.D. Va.)
Servicemembers Initiative
Civil Rights
  • Servicemembers Civil Relief Act; SCRA; selling; disposing; auctioning off; military service; pattern or practice; United States Navy Sea Air and Land Team; SEAL; Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek Fort Story; JEB Little Creek
Industry Code(s)
  • None
Updated July 31, 2023