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Statements of Interest

The United States, through the Employment Litigation Section, can file Statements of Interest in ongoing court cases in certain circumstances. The Employment Litigation Section may consider filing Statements of Interest in cases that involve novel or evolving legal questions under the laws we enforce.

To ask us to consider your case for a Statement of Interest, please contact us at Please contact us within 30 days of the start of litigation in court or within 2 days of a dispositive motion being filed, and include this information within your message:

  • Case name;
  • Case number and jurisdiction;
  • Summary of the facts;
  • Description of the novel or evolving question(s) of employment discrimination law in your case;
  • Additional information that might help us (e.g., upcoming court deadlines, amicus parties joined, or other pending cases within jurisdiction which may affect the outcome); and
  • The best email address and phone number to reach you.

Please do not include any information you would not want us to release under the Freedom of Information Act.

The subject line should read: “[SOI Assistance, Briefing Due by XX Date].”

Updated February 5, 2024