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The Commission will hold its next open meeting on May 18, 2022, at 2:00 pm.  During this meeting the Commission expects to consider the following claims:

Issuance of an Amended Proposed Decision in the below claims under the Commission’s Guam World War II Loyalty Recognition Program:

GUAM-1708, GUAM-1708A, and GUAM-3823

Requests for information, or advance notices of intention to observe an open meeting, may be directed to: Patricia M. Hall, via email at

Guam Claims Program

STATUS OF ALL GUAM CLAIMS IS NOW AVAILABLE HERE ON OUR WEBSITEIf you want to check the status of your claim please click HERE.  This is the most up to date information available.  Please review the below information which will help you to understand the information provided in the table.  Please note that the Commission is committed to the timely administration of the Guam Claims Program, and is very cognizant of the burdens that delays may impose on claimants in the program.  However, the Commission must review and determine the validity of each of the claims it has received before it approves eligible claims for payment. Some claims are relatively straightforward and less time-intensive, whereas others may present complex issues that require extensive factual development or legal analysis.

1.  If a Proposed Decision Date is not listed for your claim, that means that you claim has not yet been adjudicated by the Commission.  While the Commission’s staff has begun to review and develop the claims for presentation to the Commission, we have adjudicated about 60% of the claims.  During the claims development process, a member of the Commission's legal staff may contact a claimant if further information or evidence is needed.  While the Commission cannot say at this time exactly when any individual claim will be reviewed, please be assured that we will work as expeditiously as possible to review each of the claims.

2.  If a Proposed Decision Date is listed for your claim, but there is not a Final Decision Date or Date Certified to Treasury.  This means that the Commission has issued a preliminary determination on your claim which you should have received by mail.  Once a claim has been reviewed and it is determined that it is ready for presentation to the Commission, that claim will be scheduled for presentation during one of the Commission’s open meetings.  During such meeting, the claim will be presented to the Commissioners by a member of the Commission’s legal staff.  The Commissioners will make a determination on each of the scheduled claims.  A written decision detailing the Commission’s determinations in each claim considered will be mailed to each Claimant following the meeting.  Upon receipt, Claimants will have 15 days to object to a Commission decision.  If no objection is filed then after 30 days, the Commission’s decision becomes final and it will then be certified to the Treasury Department for payment.

3.  If a Final Decision Date and Date Certified to Treasury is listed for your claim, that means that the Commission has completed its work and it is now up to the Department of Treasury to pay the claim.  Once payment is ready to be made the Department of Treasury will contact Claimants regarding the payment.  The Commission is not involved in the payment of claims.  If you have questions relating to the Government of Guam's payment of these claims, then please refer to their website at

If you need further guidance or require that a Commission decision be sent to you, then you may contact the Commission by email at

Program Background

On December 23, 2016, President Obama signed into law the Guam World War II Loyalty Recognition Act, Title XVII, Public Law 114-328, which authorizes the Commission to conduct a supplemental war claims compensation program for victims and survivors of the attack and occupation of Guam by Imperial Japanese military forces during World War II and the liberation of Guam by United States military forces. The Act covers claims for death, rape, personal injury, severe personal injury, forced labor, forced march, internment, and hiding to evade internment.  As required under Section 1705 of the Act, on June 20, 2017, the Commission published notice in the Federal Register announcing the commencement of the Guam Claims Program and setting a filing deadline of June 20, 2018.   On that same date, the Commission also published notice of the deadline for filing claims in newspaper, radio, and television media in Guam.  Consequently, the statutory deadline for filing claims under the Act was June 20, 2018.  Accordingly, while the Commission continues to adjudicate claims under the program, it no longer is accepting new claims.

Albania Claims Program

Pursuant to the U.S.-Albanian Claims Settlement Agreement of March 1995, the FCSC retains authority to adjudicate claims of U.S. nationals for expropriation, confiscation and other loss of property suffered at the hands of the Communist regime which seized power in Albania at the end of the Second World War. A fund of $2 million was provided by Albania under the 1995 agreement from which to pay the Commission's awards, and over $1 million remains available in this fund. Accordingly, anyone with a potential uncompensated property claim against the Albanian government is encouraged to submit his or her claim without delay.

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