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AFMS Organizational Chart

Audit and Internal Control Services

Responsible for managing the interim and annual audited financial statements used to assess the performance of the Assets Forfeiture Fund (AFF) and Seized Asset Deposit Fund (SADF). Perform fund management and reporting of the fund, and provide analysis of AFF records to ensure compliance and reliability of financial reporting. Conduct internal control reviews to ensure and report on financial accuracy, effectiveness of internal controls and compliance with laws and regulations.

Budget and Finance Services

Responsible for management of the Assets Forfeiture Fund (AFF) allocation budget to include; formulation, justification, execution, spending and reporting. Maintain schedule for all Asset Forfeiture Program (AFP) agency funding. Review legislation documents for budget compliance. Create financial and budget transactions. Conduct fund reviews for potential investment opportunities to include interest rates and earnings on investments. Accountable for AFP cash reconciliation, expenditure reviews of programs and close out activities.

Contracts and Program Evaluation Services

Responsible for managing both the Asset Forfeiture Administrative Support Services (AFASS) and Asset Forfeiture Investigative Support Services (AFISS) contracts in support of the Asset Forfeiture Program and participating Federal agencies. Develop contract requirements with ancillary responsibilities for acquisition and procurement planning. Provide support with Request for Information (RFI) and the Request for Proposal (RFP) process. Monitors awarded contracts throughout the life of the contract for adherence to the Statement of Work (SOW). Conducts program and management reviews to ensure that the Assets Forfeiture Fund (AFF) is used efficiently, effectively, and appropriately. Develops work plans; reviews goals, objectives, and methodology; conducts interviews; and performs research.

Executive Services

Reports directly to the Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Administration/Controller for the Department of Justice (DOJ), Justice Management Division (JMD), and comprises the Asset Forfeiture Management Staff (AFMS) Director, the AFMS Deputy Director of Oversight, and the AFMS Deputy Director of Operations. Executive Services oversees the implementation of strategic plans that support the accomplishments of AFMS' mission and goals. Oversees the financial management and budgetary requirements of the Asset Forfeiture Program (AFP) and strategic investment planning and policy. Responsible for both Assets Forfeiture Fund (AFF) financial oversight duties, as well as day-to-day AFMS operational activities.

Information Technology Systems Services

Manages a suite of Asset Forfeiture Program (AFP) applications and services in support of the AFP and participating Federal Agencies. Oversees critical business functions: software development activities, data reporting, server maintenance and security.

Program Support Services

Responsible for coordinating with Asset Forfeiture Program (AFP) participating agencies regarding resource issues and needs while providing critical advice to the AFMS Director and other senior managers on programmatic and legal issues affecting the Assets Forfeiture Fund (AFF). Manages AFMS administrative operations, Human Resources (HR) coordination, and staff support.