Cybersecurity Services

 Cybersecurity Services

Shield your enterprise against threats and strengthen your cyber defenses. DOJ provides a holistic security service including: Security Operations Center, Trusted Internet Connection (TIC), continuous monitoring, and an unmatched capability to integrate advanced threat intelligence from across the federal government. Let us worry about security so you can focus on your mission.

Access to DOJ Cybersecurity Services is for public agencies only.

Justice IT Service Offerings / Cybersecurity Services

Justice IT Service Offerings | Cybersecurity Services.
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Security Operation Center (SOC)

DOJ Security Operations Center (JSOC) is the first provider of Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS) for government customers serving as the central nexus for network monitoring, incident response, cyber threat intelligence collection, and cross-agency threat information sharing.

  • 24x7x365 monitoring and incident response with analysts cleared for Top Secret (TS)/Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) to cover all classification levels and to respond to threat intelligence from open and classified sources
  • Integrated monitoring includes Microsoft Office 365 and other cloud services
  • Hunt missions identify anomalies to exceed automated detection
Assessment and Continuous Monitoring

DOJ’s proprietary Cyber Security Assessment and Management (CSAM) automates assessments and authorizations to provide a comprehensive assessment and continuous monitoring service. More than 20 government agencies depend on the CSAM service to fulfill their Assessment and Authorization (A&A) needs.

  • Automated inventory, configuration, and vulnerability management and monitoring
  • Enterprise-wide risk posture view through a heat map, which lays out the strongest and weakest areas of an organization
  • Experienced client engagement specialists and technical support
Cloud-optimized Trusted Internet Connection (TIC)

DOJ’s cloud-optimized TIC service securely connects agencies to the internet and commercial cloud service providers with a modular, scalable design to protect both on-premise and cloud based applications.

  • Best of breed security technologies to meet and exceed all Federal TIC requirements
  • Direct connection to cloud service providers (Amazon, Azure, Microsoft Office 365) with minimal latency and high bandwidth
  • Highly resilient U.S. east and west instances with dual-rail high availability design

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Updated February 19, 2021

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