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Confidential conflict of interest certification



Identification of Matter (Case Number, Name, etc.)

    I, __________________________ hereby certify that to the best of my knowledge, neither I nor my spouse, dependent child, general partner, or any organization for which I am serving as an officer, director, trustee, general partner or employee, or any person or organization with whom I am negotiating or have an arrangement concerning prospective employment has a financial interest in this matter.

    I further certify to the best of my knowledge that this matter will not affect the financial interests of any member of my household. Also, to the best of my knowledge, no member of my household; no relative with whom I have a close relationship; no one with whom my spouse, parent or dependent child has or seeks employment; and no organization with which I am seeking a business relationship nor which I now serve actively or have served within the last year are parties or represent a party to the matter.

    I also acknowledge my responsibility to disclose the acquisition of any financial or personal interest as described above that would be affected by the matter, and to disclose any interest I, or anyone noted above, has in any person or organization that does become involved in, or is affected at a later date by, the conduct of this matter.

________________________________   ________________________________
Signature   Date


Privacy Act Statement

Title I of the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 (5 U.S.C. App.), Executive Order 12674 and 5 CFR Part 2634, Subpart I require the reporting of this information. The primary use of the information on this form is for review by officials of the Justice Department to determine compliance with applicable federal conflict of interest laws and regulations. Additional disclosures of the information on this report may be made: (1) to a federal, state or local law enforcement agency if the Justice Department becomes aware of a violation or potential violation of law or regulations; (2) to a court or party in a court or federal administrative proceeding if the government is a party or in order to comply with a judge-issued subpoena; (3) to a source when necessary to obtain information relevant to a conflict of interest investigation or decision; (4) to the National Archives and Records Administration or the General Services Administration in records management inspections; (5) to the Office of Management and Budget during legislative coordination on private relief legislation; and (6) in response to a request for discovery or for the appearance of a witness in a judicial or administrative proceeding, if the information is relevant to the subject matter. This confidential certification will not be disclosed to any requesting person unless authorized by law. See also the OGE/GOVT-2 executive branchwide Privacy Act system of records.

Updated November 13, 2023