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Request for Approval of Outside Practice of Law

TO:                  Component Head

THROUGH:     Deputy Designated Agency Ethics Official

FROM:             Employee

SUBJECT:        Request for Approval of Outside Practice of Law

I am writing to request your approval to provide legal services in a case concerning ___________ now before the (court) . I have sought the advice of my ethics official before requesting your approval.

This case involves no criminal or habeas corpus matter and the United States is not a party and at this time has no direct and substantial interest. I understand that if at any time the United States should develop an interest in the case or if any of the circumstances under which I am granted approval change, I will need to seek further advice and possibly resubmit my request.

The case does not involve a subject matter, policy or program of this component. I understand that I am not to use my official position in providing these services, that no work on the case will be performed during duty hours, and that I am not to use the time of a subordinate.

APPROVE ___________


_____________________                ________
 COMPONENT HEAD                               DATE

Updated November 13, 2023