Department of Justice Senior Executive Resources Board

Internal Controls Process for Considering SES and SL Misconduct In Making Performance-Based Pay Adjustments and Awards


The Deputy Attorney General (DAG), advised by the Senior Executive Resources Board (SERB), of which he is chair, makes final decisions on all performance-based Senior Executive Service (SES) and Senior Level (SL) pay adjustments and performance awards (DOJ Order 1202, Executive Resources Management, § II(C) (2013)).  The Assistant Attorney General for Administration (AAG/A) provides information to the SERB regarding alleged and substantiated misconduct of SES or SL employees proposed to receive an  adjustment or award, as appropriate.  The AAG/A obtains this information from the Office of the Inspector General, Office of Professional Responsibility, Office of Attorney Recruitment and Management, and the Justice Management Division Equal Employment Opportunity and Security and Emergency Planning Staffs.  The SERB considers this information in making its recommendations to the DAG on individual pay adjustments and performance awards.

Updated January 18, 2019

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