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This is an initial release of the FARA document search feature. For best results, online users should attempt to keep their search strategies as concise as possible. The site is designed to be intuitive to the user by simply selecting drop down menu options, combined with typing specific Name, Registrant Number, Country, Date Range or other pertinent information. Click on the desired column heading to sort that column in ascending or descending order.   Examples of effective search strategies are the following:

  • Select Document Type: Supplemental Statement; Status: All; Supplemental Date: Start: 06/30/2006 End: 12/31/2006
    • This will return all supplemental statements filed by registrants with an assigned six month reporting date within the selected date range.
  • Select Document Type: Exhibits A & B; Status: ALL; Country: ALL; Received/Stamped Date Start: 01/01/2007 End: 05/31/2007
    • This will return all agreements filed during the selected date range.
  • Select Document Type: Short Form; Status: Active; Registrant Number: 1750
    • This will return all active short form registration statements on file for the registrant number.
  • Select Document Type: Exhibits A & B; Status: Active; Country: Canada
    • This will return all active agreements filed for Canada.


Note: This is an initial release of the FARA document search tool, providing Internet access to the vast majority of public documents on file with the FARA Unit. However, because some potential privacy issues remain under review, there are certain FARA documents not available via the Internet at this time, but which still can be accessed at the FARA public office.

Thank you for visiting the FARA website. The Attorney General is committed to providing public access to FARA’s public disclosure filings, both through this website, and at the FARA Unit Public Office. This more robust website portal provides access to this information 24/7. The Department of Justice encourages feedback from the general public and appreciates suggestions for improving this document search website tool.

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Updated May 10, 2021

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