eFile Import CSV Data

The following questions within the eFile system for New Registrations currently support data entry via two methods, web-based form and comma-separated value (CSV) import:

Question Sample CSV Template CSV
Registrant Monetary Political Contributions Download Sample Download Template
Foreign Principal Prior Activities Download Sample Download Template
See below for instructions of how to upload/import a CSV file during the registration process.

Import CSV Data Instructions

1. Click on the CSV Data Import button listed below the data table displayed for the appropriate question

CSV Import Step 1

2. Click the Browse button to select the CSV file you wish to import and click Next. Note - If preparing the CSV file using a tool such as Microsoft Excel be sure to save the file as Comma-Separated Value (CSV).

CSV Import Step 2

3. Review the data that has been loaded fromt the CSV file and click the Next button.

CSV Import Step 3

4. Validate the data to be imported and click the Load Data button.

CSV Import Step 4

5. Review the Data Load Results table to confirm that all expected data has been properly imported. Click the Finish button.

CSV Import Step 5

6. Use the web-based form to verify that all data has been imported properly and to make any revisions as necessary.

CSV Import Step 6


Updated November 14, 2019

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