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OCDETF Investigations and Prosecutions

OCDETF investigates and prosecutes major drug trafficking, money laundering, and other high priority transnational organized crime networks.  These organizations are extremely complex and engage in a broad array of criminal activity.  Their members traffic in illegal and dangerous drugs; launder illicit proceeds; arm themselves with and traffic in firearms; manipulate our financial, securities, and commodities markets; victimize large swaths of our citizens, private industry, and government agencies through targeted cyber intrusions; kidnap and traffic humans; continue their criminal activities as fugitives; perpetuate violence; support terrorists and hostile governments; and engage in other serious criminal activities. 

OCDETF leverages the resources and expertise of its member agencies from Justice, Homeland Security, Treasury, Postal, and Labor; and state and local agencies in concentrated, long-term investigations of the entire infrastructure of transnational criminal organizations.  By disrupting and dismantling every component of the criminal networks operating in or affecting the United States, OCDETF reduces the availability of illegal drugs; violence, corruption, and other criminal activity associated with the drug trade; and threats to our nation’s infrastructure and stability.     

Updated May 12, 2023