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Operational Case Support and Intelligence

The OCDETF Fusion Center (OFC) is a cooperative law enforcement information sharing organization.  It is a platform for inter-agency information and intelligence sharing aimed at drug trafficking and transnational organized crime networks.  The OFC is the cornerstone of OCDETF’s intelligence efforts and provides actionable operational intelligence products that initiate, expand and support field investigations and prosecutions.

The OFC’s intelligence holdings constitute the single largest repository of federal and foreign investigative reporting throughout the federal government.  The OFC combines casework and intelligence from across member agencies to conduct data integration and analysis.   This information allows investigators and prosecutors to effectively de-conflict and coordinate for the greatest effect. 

The OFC is integral to OCDETF’s intelligence-driven targeting mission and plays a critical role in OCDETF’s strategy to disrupt and dismantle drug cartels, money laundering organizations, violent gangs, and transnational organized crime networks. 

Updated October 6, 2022