OCDETF Strike Forces

Strike Forces

The OCDETF Strike Forces Initiative establishes permanent, multi-agency, prosecutor-led teams that conduct intelligence-driven, multi-jurisdictional operations against priority targets and their affiliate illicit financial networks.  The goal of this Initiative is to bring together federal, state, and local law enforcement in a co-located setting that fosters communication and collaboration.  The OCDETF Strike Forces capitalize on the synergy created through the long-term relationships that are forged by agents, analysts, and prosecutors who work together over time, and are a proven model in combating organized crime.

There are significant advantages to co-locating OCDETF resources in key cities throughout the country, including more efficient use of limited agency and program resources, fostering better intelligence sharing among the agencies, and maximizing combined efforts to enhance regional and national impacts. 

OCDETF Strike Force Map
Updated July 21, 2020

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