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Additional Frequently Requested Documents

Calendar of Bruce Ohr​ (December 29, 2014 - January 3, 2016)

Attorney General Memorandum to the United States Attorneys and Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division Regarding Department Policy on Charging Mandatory Minimum Sentences and Recidivist Enhancements in Certain Drug Cases (August 12, 2013)

Procedures for Approving Direct Action Against Terrorist Targets Located Outside the United States and Areas of Active Hostilities (May 22, 2013)

2012 Detention Policy Report (April 12, 2012)

Draft Department of Justice White Paper: Lawfulness of a Lethal Operation Directed Against a U.S. Citizen Who Is a Senior Operational Leader of Al-Qa'ida or An Associated Force (November 8, 2011)

Documents Regarding the Establishment of the Professional Misconduct Review Unit (PMRU) (October 20, 2010) [including Memorandum to the Acting Deputy Attorney General Regarding a Revised Process for Handling Professional Misconduct Disciplinary Actions, Supplemental Guidance Regarding the Establishment of the PRMU and Delegation of Authority]

Records Concering Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Information​ (October 5, 2010 - December 23, 2014)

Report of the Special Task Force on Interrogation and Transfer Policies (2009)

Memorandum of Understanding Between the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Department of Justice Pertaining to U.S. Membership in the International Criminal Police Organization and Related Matters (July 17, 2010) [this supersedes the previous Memorandum of Understanding (May 13, 2003)]

Deputy Attorney General Memorandum for U.S. Attorneys Concerning Guidance Regarding the Ogden Memo in Jurisdictions Seeking to Authorize Marijuana for Medical Use (June 29, 2011) [this memorandum provides updated guidance to the memorandum titled Investigations and Prosecutions in States Authorizing the Medical Use of Marijuana (October 19, 2009)]

Investigations and Prosecutions in States Authorizing the Medical Use of Marijuana (October 19, 2009)

Guidance Material concerning President Obama's and Attorney General Holder's memoranda on the FOIA that was communicated to attendees at the March 26, 2009 conference convened by the Office of Information Policy (March 2009)

Support for the Department in Conducting an Analysis of Diversity in the Attorney Workforce, Final Report (June 14, 2002) (unredacted version including survey questions)

Final Report of the Attorney General's Review Team on the Handling of the Los Alamos National Laboratory Investigation ("The Bellows Report") (May 2000)

The Office of Professional Responsibility's investigation of DOJ's involvement in the National Security Agency's terrorist surveillance program One | Two (January – June 2006)

NSA's Terrorist Surveillance Program (December 16, 2005 to March 24, 2006)

Documents "related to or used in the process of producing" specific materials relating to the National Security Agency terrorist surveillance program (December 2005)

Lawful, Warrantless Monitoring of Verbal Communications (May 30, 2002) [this supersedes Procedures for Lawful, Warrantless Monitoring of Verbal Communications (January 20, 1998)]

Updated June 1, 2023