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Implementation Checklist for OIP Guidance on “Still-Interested” Inquiries

  1. Ensure there are reasonable grounds to make a “still-interested” inquiry in first instance.
  2. Absent good cause, do not make multiple “still-interested” inquiries.
  3. Use requester’s preferred method of communication and in the absence of a preference, communicate by telephone or email as the default. 
  4. Memorialize any decision by a requester to withdraw a request that is conveyed by telephone by sending the requester a brief email or letter noting the withdrawal.
  5. Provide requesters no less than thirty (30) working days to respond to the “still-interested” inquiry and ensure that there is a simple way to do so.
  6. Advise the requester that if they elect not to respond to the inquiry, the request will be administratively closed at the conclusion of the designated time period (which must be at least 30 working days).
  7. Prior to administratively closing a request based upon the lack of a response by the requester, make good faith efforts to reach out to the requester using multiple methods of communication.
  8. In the event a requester responds to the “still- interested” inquiry within a reasonable time after the deadline has passed, reopen the request and place it back into the processing queue where it would have been. 
Updated July 2, 2015

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