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Press Release

Statement from Assistant Attorney General Stephen E. Boyd Expressing Support for Congressional Efforts to Expedite Payment of Public Safety Officer Benefits to First Responders Who Contract COVID-19

For Immediate Release
Office of Public Affairs

Assistant Attorney General Stephen E. Boyd issued the following statement in support of efforts to streamline payments under the Public Safety Officer Benefit Program (PSOB) to public safety officers fatally injured while working during COVID-19:

 “The Department of Justice is honored to review the more than 1,000 claims submitted to the PSOB Program each year on behalf of America's fallen and injured public safety heroes and their loved ones.  With the recent outbreak of COVID‐19, America’s law enforcement officers, firefighters, and other first responders face a new health risk as they continue to selflessly serve their communities.  The department supports congressional efforts to provide for expeditious resolution of claims for public safety officers who contract COVID-19 while working during this challenging time.  The department has provided technical assistance on the Senate legislation and stands ready to continue to assist Congress in their efforts on behalf of these brave community heroes.”    


The PSOB program provides death benefits to the eligible survivors of public safety officers who are fatally injured in the line of duty.  Infectious diseases, viruses, and bacteria currently may be found to be an injury sustained in the line of duty.  The program also provides disability benefits to public safety officers catastrophically injured in the line of duty, and education benefits to the eligible spouses and children of fallen and catastrophically injured officers.   

As the PSOB Office receives claims based on COVID‐19 exposure, it will work closely with survivors, officers, and agencies.  For questions regarding the PSOB Program or filing a claim, please visit PSOB’s online portal at

Updated May 7, 2020

Press Release Number: 20-433