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Press Release

U.S. Parole Commission Denies Gargano Application for Mandatory Parole

For Immediate Release
Office of Public Affairs

Chevy Chase, MD – On March 25, 2011, the United States Parole Commission denied parole to Henry Gargano, announced Commission Chairman Isaac Fulwood, Jr. 

Gargano, who has been incarcerated for 43⅓ years on his current 204-year sentence, applied for release under Section 4206(d) of Title 18.  That statute generally requires the Commission to release a prisoner who has served two-thirds or 30 years – whichever is less – on each sentence imposed against him, unless the Commission determines that the prisoner has seriously or frequently violated institution rules or that there is a reasonable probability that the prisoner will commit more crimes.

Gargano was convicted of murder while engaging in an October 27, 1967 bank robbery in Northlake, Illinois.  Two police officers died and two others were wounded during that offense.  On July 16, 1968, Gargano was sentenced to 199 years for the crime. 

In October 10, 1975, he and several other inmates escaped from the federal penitentiary in Marion, Illinois.  Before being recaptured, the escapees broke into a private home, tied up the occupants, and stole their car and firearms.  Gargano was sentenced to another five years’ imprisonment for the escape.  In addition to his actual escape, Gargano also attempted escape on several occasions including the day he was sentenced in 1968, when he was found in possession of a loaded pistol.

Gargano also has over ten years left to serve on his sentences for two prior offenses, a 1956 bank robbery and a 1964 escape.  He was on parole from those sentences at the time he committed the 1967 bank robbery.

Chairman Fulwood noted, “As always, public safety is the Commission’s paramount concern.  Mr. Gargano’s prison record, on top of his lack of remorse for the crimes that led to his imprisonment, showed that his release would be incompatible with public safety and that he must be denied parole under the statutory standard.”

For more information, please call Johanna Markind at (301) 492-5821 ext. 238.

Updated December 27, 2021