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What They are Saying: Bipartisan Praise for Chris Wray as Next FBI Director

For Immediate Release
Office of Public Affairs

"Chris is super smart, a great lawyer and highly experienced. He will serve the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation well. I worked with Chris for a number of years and always had complete confidence in him. He simply doesn't make mistakes. We are lucky he decided to reenter public service."


--Larry Thompson, Former Deputy Attorney General


”Chris is a wonderful choice to lead the FBI who cares deeply about the institution and already has strong relationships with the FBI. His background at the helm of the criminal division offered an excellent experience working on national security, white collar crime and a range of federal crimes as well as offering the privilege of working with the fantastic men and women of the FBI every day. He’s an excellent lawyer who will provide even keeled leadership.”


--Alice Fisher, Former Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division


“This is an inspired nomination by the President. Chris Wray is a man of great intellect and unsurpassed integrity. He is a man of impeccable judgment. He is exactly the person the country needs at the FBI at this moment in our history. He will be beloved by the men and women of the Bureau and respected by all, Republicans and Democrats alike.”


--Judge J. Michael Luttig


"Chris Wray is a great choice for FBI Director. He is smart, independent and has a very impressive track record of service and experience in the Department of Justice where he worked closely with the FBI and was widely regarded as a strong leader. Chris's expertise covers a vast array of critical areas he will be dealing with, ranging from terrorism to white collar crime to cyberattacks. The country would be very fortunate to have someone of Chris's integrity and abilities leading the Bureau."


--Mary Jo White, Former Chair of the SEC under President Obama

"Chris Wray is the right man at the right time for the Nation and the FBI. He is a world-class prosecutor, lawyer, and leader with the integrity, experience, judgment, credibility, independence, and intellect needed to lead the FBI. He will bring the same immense talent, capacity for work and success in mission to the Bureau as he has brought in everything he has touched since he began his distinguished legal and public service career."


--John C. Richter, Former Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division


“Chris is a person of extraordinary integrity, intelligence, and common sense. As the Director of the FBI, I have no doubt he would be outstanding. Years ago, when I was a Clinton Administration U.S. Attorney, I hired Chris as an Assistant U.S. Attorney. He was a star from the get-go, and always put justice before politics. The country needs more public servants like Chris Wray. I hope the Senate confirms him as quickly as possible.”


--Kent Alexander, Former U.S. Attorney under President Clinton


“Chris is a seasoned professional with experience in all critical areas of the Department’s law enforcement and national security operations. We can have absolute confidence that he will serve the Bureau and the nation with honor and distinction.”


--Ken Wainstein, Former Assistant Attorney General for the National Security Division


“I am delighted to hear the news that President Trump has nominated Chris Wray to be the next Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I have known Chris Wray throughout his legal career and his public service at the Department of Justice. In all of those different positions, Chris Wray has served with distinction and integrity. I know he will bring his experience and intellect to the office of FBI Director. He will be a strong and positive influence at the bureau for the next decade. I am confident Chris Wray will be seen as an impartial and unbiased leader who will help maintain the critical and historical tradition of excellence at the FBI. The American people can have confidence and trust in his anticipated leadership of the FBI. Specifically, Chris will provide superb leadership to America's daily efforts to prevent and protect Americans and American interests against future acts of global terrorism.”


--Joe Whitley, Former Department of Homeland Security General Counsel and U.S. Attorney


"Chris Wray is an outstanding choice to lead the FBI. I have known and worked with Chris Wray for many years. He is an exceptional lawyer with impeccable integrity and sound judgment. His extensive experience as an Assistant U.S. Attorney and then as Assistant Attorney General of the Criminal Division during the immediate aftermath of 9/11 gives him the critically important skills required to manage this great law enforcement agency. His work as a defense attorney also gives him broader insight into how to most effectively manage the complex investigations that the FBI will conduct in the coming years. When with the Department of Justice, Chris worked tirelessly to uphold the rule of law, strengthen our national security, and protect the rights of victims of crime. I am confident that he will do the same as Director of the FBI. Chris is the kind of leader that the FBI needs and deserves.”


--Gary Grindler, Acting Deputy Attorney General under President Obama


“Chris Wray is a man of integrity with a deep commitment to the rule of law. His substantial experience, particularly in serving on our Justice Department team fighting terrorism after 9/11, uniquely qualifies him to protect America as FBI Director.”

--Former Attorney General John Ashcroft


“I worked for Chris as his counsel for terrorism from 2003 to 2005, during a period when international terrorism occupied a great deal of Chris’s time as the Assistant Attorney General. Chris was smart, hard-working and absolutely committed to the mission of the Department of Justice. He has the kind of judgment and integrity that we rightfully expect from an FBI Director and I applaud his nomination.”


--J. Patrick Rowan, former Assistant Attorney General for the National Security Division


"I’ve known Chris Wray for over two decades. He is smart, careful, tough and kind. He has a brilliant mind, great judgment, and unwavering integrity. The terrific women and men of the FBI will be well served, as will our country, with Chris at the helm.”

--Zach Fardon, Former U.S. Attorney under President Obama


“Chris Wray is a superb and serious lawyer with a strong moral compass. Having served under Chris when I was Director of the Enron Task Force, I witnessed first-hand his deep respect for the Department of Justice and the FBI, as well as his strong commitment to public service. The country is lucky to have someone of Chris’s caliber serve in such an important role.”


--Leslie Caldwell, Former Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division


“I’ve known him and worked with him for two decades, in both his private and public sector stints. He will bring the independence and strength needed in this challenging environment.”


--Neil McBride, Former U.S. Attorney under President Obama

Updated June 7, 2017

Press Release Number: 17-616 and 17-618