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OPR Reports

Consistent with its practices and procedures, the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) publicly discloses information concerning its investigations as appropriate and to the extent permissible under privacy statutes, regulations, Department policy, and other applicable legal authorities.

For example, the Privacy Act limits the type and amount of information that federal agencies may publicly disclose concerning personnel actions.  Therefore, in most cases, OPR discloses a summary of its investigations, which describe the allegations, basic facts, and OPR’s findings.  In certain circumstances, however, OPR discloses an appropriately redacted copy of OPR’s report of investigation.

Additionally, OPR publicly releases its annual report to the Attorney General.  Those reports include statistical information on OPR’s activities, significant policy changes and developments, and summaries of cases completed during the fiscal year. 

More information regarding OPR’s disclosure practices can be found here.

Annual Reports

Investigative Summaries

Significant Investigative Reports


Updated November 10, 2022