FOIA Contact:

Lyn Hardy
Special Counsel for Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts
Office of Professional Responsibility
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Suite 3266
Washington, D.C. 20530
FOIA Requester Service Center: (202) 514-3365
FOIA Public Liaison: Ginae Barnett (202) 514-3365

Conventional Reading Room:

Call (202) 514-3365 for Access Instructions

Electronic Reading Room:

This includes frequently requested records, opinions, policy statements, and staff manuals/instructions to staff, created by the Office of Professional Responsibility after November 1, 1996.

Component Description:

OPR maintains records relating to its investigations of allegations of misconduct by Department of Justice attorneys that relate to the exercise of their authority to investigate, litigate or provide legal advice, and allegations of misconduct by law enforcement personnel when they are related to allegations of misconduct by DOJ attorneys. Those cases in which there appear to be violations of the law are often referred to the investigative agency with jurisdiction over such alleged violation, although OPR also conducts criminal investigations. Investigative records are maintained in the office on all ongoing cases. Records maintained include closed investigations, inquiries, complaints and those records relating to the administration of OPR.

Multitrack Processing:

FOIA requests are placed in one of two tracks. Track one is for those requests which seek and receive expedited processing pursuant to (a)(6)(E) of the FOIA or which do not involve voluminous records or lengthy consultations with other entities. Track two is for those requests which involve voluminous records and for which lengthy or numerous consultations are required, or those which may involve sensitive records.

DOJ Reference Guide:

A comprehensive guide to the FOIA that serves as a handbook for obtaining information from the Department

Special information required to make a FOIA request:


Publicly available information for which a FOIA request is not required:

Publicly available information: OPR annual reports that contain a review and evaluation of the activities of the internal inspection units of the Justice Department; public summaries of certain OPR investigations.

If interested in such information, please contact the office listed above.

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Updated July 23, 2015