Law Student Opportunities:

The Tax Division employs paid summer law student interns in its civil trial, appellate, and criminal enforcement sections. The Division also employs a limited number of volunteer law student interns during the summer and throughout the school year in the Appellate Section and the Office of Review.

Legal interns in the civil trial and appellate sections conduct legal research for pending trial and appellate tax cases; prepare legal memoranda, pleadings, and briefs; and prepare trial and deposition exhibits and files. Legal interns in the criminal enforcement sections work closely with federal prosecutors to research legal issues relevant to pending criminal investigations, prosecutions, and appeals. Their work generally involves writing legal memoranda or briefs. Interns also help attorneys prepare for trials by arranging exhibits and organizing case files.

Given the nature of the work and the high quality of its staff, the Division expects legal interns to be able to grasp issues quickly, research thoroughly and accurately, and write clearly and concisely. The Division attempts to ensure that legal interns assist in as many aspects of the Division's work as possible and are provided written or oral feedback.

High School/College/Graduate School Student Opportunities:

The Tax Division frequently has a number of students working in various capacities, either on a part-time basis during the school year or full-time during the summer. Check here for more information.

Updated April 9, 2015