Lateral Attorney Hiring Process

Tax Division attorney vacancy announcements are generally posted on the Department of Justice website and on USAJOBS for a minimum of 14 calendar days and up to 60 days. Vacancies are posted by functional area (civil, criminal, appellate), and applications for each functional area are handled by the respective Deputy Assistant Attorney General. The Counsel to the Deputy Assistant Attorney General (a career attorney) performs the initial assessment of the applicants' qualifications, forwards selected applicants to the section chiefs for consideration, and forwards non-selected applicants to Human Resources to issue notification letters. If a section chief chooses to interview a candidate, the candidate receives an interview with one or more attorney managers (chiefs or assistant chiefs), or sometimes with a senior trial attorney. Candidates frequently also interview with a line attorney. Potential hires are forwarded to the Counsel to the Deputy Assistant Attorney General for further consideration (and for an additional interview if warranted) prior to hiring. Some candidates may also be interviewed by the Deputy Assistant Attorney General or by the Assistant Attorney General (depending on availability). The interviewers prepare written recommendations on each candidate interviewed. Hiring decisions are generally made on a rolling basis. The Assistant Attorney General makes the final decision on each applicant. Counsel to the Deputy Assistant Attorney General notifies the successful candidates, and Human Resources then initiates the pre-employment security process. Human Resources also notifies those applicants who are not selected.

Updated April 9, 2015