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Executive Assistant U.S. Attorney for Community Engagement


Ebony Wortham

Ebony Wortham is an Executive Assistant United States Attorney for Community Engagement in the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania ("USAO"). In this role, Ebony is tasked with strengthening the Office’s partnerships in the communities we serve throughout the District, particularly those struggling with violent crime, opioid abuse, and the legacy of generations of systemic exclusion from education, health care, housing, and employment.

Before joining the USAO, Ebony was a Senior Managing Consultant with the Center for Justice and Safety Finance within PFM’s Management and Budget Consulting practice. At PFM, Ebony served as a team lead for multiple departments in a large-scale criminal justice review for Harris County, Texas. Recently, Ebony served as a co-lead on a workload assessment project in Harris County, Texas, designed to produce a data-driven method for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office ("HCDAO") to manage its current and future caseload and reduce the court backlog. The final deliverable for the project identified organizational, operational, policy, and resource recommendations that will increase HCDAO’s overall efficiency and effectiveness. Ebony also served as a team lead on a project analyzing the social and fiscal impact of the criminal justice system on individuals with mental health and substance use disorders living in poverty and experiencing homelessness.

Ebony worked for over fifteen years as an Assistant District Attorney in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office ("PDAO"). As a line prosecutor, Ebony handled thousands of cases in the juvenile, misdemeanor, and felony trial divisions. She also worked closely with law enforcement to curb illegal drug activity and address nuisance issues that impact the quality of life for Philadelphia residents in the Public Nuisance Task Force. As chief of the Juvenile Unit, Ebony led a dedicated group of attorneys and critical staff members in the pursuit of guiding youth to healthy futures while also protecting the community and giving voice to victims. Through her advocacy and leadership, Ebony helped craft developmentally appropriate policies and led the overhaul of the Juvenile Unit to include the creation of a continuum of diversion programs designed to meet the unique needs of Philadelphia’s youth and increase public safety.

Prior to assuming that role, Ebony was the Director of Juvenile Justice Policy and Prevention in the PDAO. In this capacity, she oversaw the school attendance support unit, "Project GO," which is designed to help curb truancy in Philadelphia's Charter Schools by providing support and resources to parents, school administrators, and students. For several years, Ebony supervised the complex Crossover Court caseload within the DA’s office. In this role, Ebony sought to ensure that dependent youth received appropriate services in the child welfare system to address delinquent conduct. In addition, Ebony was instrumental in developing Philadelphia Family Court’s anti-sex trafficking program and other prevention-focused initiatives designed to, where appropriate, create off-ramps to more holistic alternatives that promote public well-being and safety.

Ebony is actively engaged as a volunteer in numerous organizations and groups that work to provide enriching opportunities to increase the health of youth and families and promote community health. They include her volunteer service at Teenshop, Inc., a nonprofit weekend college preparatory and life skills program for girls, and the Boys and Girls Club of Philadelphia, Inc.

Ebony was born and raised in Philadelphia. She graduated from the Central High School of Philadelphia’s 256th class. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Temple University (2000), a Juris Doctor from Widener University School of Law (2005), and a Master of Science in Organizational Development & Leadership from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (2011). Ebony also holds a Master of Public Administration from the Fels Institute of Government at the University of Pennsylvania (2022), where she served as the President of the Women of Fels.

Ebony is a member of the Forum of Executive Women, Barristers’ Association of Philadelphia, and the National Black Prosecutor’s Association.

Updated January 5, 2023