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Rachel Aramburu - Vermont Law School

I interned with the US Attorney’s Office in my 2L summer for the District of Idaho. It was an enriching experience filled with challenging assignments and friendly faces. I had zero criminal law experience at the beginning of the summer, but by the end I was appearing in court and writing motions. I even had the opportunity to write an appellate brief for the 9th Circuit. 
The thing I appreciate the most about this experience is that my supervising attorney wanted me to receive as much exposure as possible. He planned field trips, set out goals with me, and let me work with the civil division as well. 
I cannot thank enough the attorneys and support staff at the office. They all invested time everyday into my experience and I grew immensely from the process. 
Rachel Aramburu
J.D. Candidate 2020 
Vermont Law School

Updated September 30, 2019