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Project Safe Neighborhoods

Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN): Revitalized in 2017

Project Safe Neighborhoods (“PSN”) is a nationwide initiative that takes a collaborative approach to public safety utilizing law enforcement, community partnerships and strategic enforcement efforts to focus on the most violent criminals in the most violent areas within each district.  The program's goal is to work together to reduce violent crime and make our communities safer for everyone.  PSN was originally launched in 2001 and re-launched in 2017.  The enhanced program builds on past successes and re-invigorates comprehensive enforcement efforts by building on successful programs already in place and creating new, effective violence reduction programs.

PSN builds effective partnerships with state and local law enforcement and community partners. It enhances community capacity to obtain and analyze timely crime and other data to guide strategies and enable communities to measure the impact of their efforts. PSN helps maintain an edge in the attack on violent crime by providing expansive training and support for federal, state and local law enforcement officials and prosecutors.  Additionally, the program provides support to help convey the priorities, message, and results to the media and community members.  PSN is key in building a powerful and lasting coalition with citizens to empower them to be agents of change in their own communities to make them safer.

The Middle District of Louisiana’s latest strategic plan includes an Enforcement Strategy, Community Engagement Plan, Crime Prevention Partnership, and Reentry Program

  • Enforcement Strategy: Execute a collaborative effort between law enforcement officials, research partners, and prosecutors to gather intelligence and data from various sources to identify and respond to significant violent crime activity in East Baton Rouge Parish.  In 2016, a federal gun initiative “Operation Joint Endeavor” was launched by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies focusing on investigating and prosecuting felony firearm offenses.  A violent crime strike force was created in November 2017 to identify and aggressively pursue the most dangerous groups and individuals within the District.
  • Community Engagement, Prevention, and Reentry: Our community engagement efforts have included forming the Baton Rouge Multi-Cultural Advisory Council with the FBI in an effort to build partnerships, promote understanding, and enhance dialogue between the community and law enforcement, particularly the FBI and the USAO. We have also assisted local law enforcement with community policing training and best practices through the National Public Safety Partnership, and we routinely attend community meetings to educate the public about issues concerning law enforcement. Such educational appearances are particularly important to combat misperceptions about national DOJ policy announcements.  The latest project, the East Baton Rouge Innovative Prosecution Solutions Project is an inter-agency action plan to address the problem of opioid-related overdose deaths and related violent crime to effectively investigate and prosecute these serious matters.  Additionally, our office also participates in the federal court’s RISE program aimed at lowering recidivism among moderate risk defendants on federal supervised release.

For further information on this District's PSN effort please contact:

Criminal Chief Rene Salomon
PSN Coordinator


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