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Civil Rights

Civil Rights

Civil Rights Enforcement

The U.S. Attorney’s Office (USAO), in coordination with the Department of Justice, is charged with enforcing federal civil rights laws throughout the Middle District of Louisiana. These laws prohibit discrimination, protect the constitutional rights of residents of this District, and ensure equal opportunity for all.

The USAO’s Civil Division enforces civil federal civil rights statutes, such as the Fair Housing Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act; laws that protect voting rights, servicemembers’ rights and religious freedom; laws that prohibit patterns and practices of police misconduct; and other federal anti-discrimination laws enforced by the Department of Justice. For more information regarding civil rights statutes and the Department of Justice’s enforcement efforts, please visit the homepage for the Civil Rights Division.

The USAO’s Criminal Division works with federal, state, and local law enforcement partners to enforce laws pertaining to criminal civil rights matters, including hate crimes, human trafficking and police brutality. To report such a crime, please contact the FBI.

Report a Civil Rights Violation

This office welcomes information from the public that brings to our attention possible violations of our nation's civil rights laws. While the scope of our civil rights practice is broad, the authority of the Department of Justice to investigate and seek relief for individual complaining parties for alleged civil rights violations is limited. We may investigate and seek to remedy alleged discriminatory conduct only in the manner specifically authorized by law. This office will review every complaint and, where appropriate, refer the complaint to an investigative agency or entity.

Please be advised that, while you may believe that your rights were violated, it does not necessarily follow that a federal civil rights violation has occurred under the law. Please also keep in mind that this office cannot represent you in any matter and that you may need your own attorney. You are further advised that reporting a violation to this office does not meet any legal obligation you might have to timely pursue a complaint with another federal, state, or local agency.

Coronavirus Statement and Resource Guide

See Statement by the Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Leading a Coordinated Civil Rights Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) | OPA | Department of Justice.


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