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About the Office

Office Overview

The United States Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Tennessee seeks to serve the citizens with the highest standards of professionalism, courage and integrity, and to represent the federal government in virtually all of the trial work in which the United States is a party.

Congress has given United States Attorneys three statutory responsibilities: (1) the prosecution of criminal cases brought by the Federal Government; (2) the prosecution and defense of civil cases in which the United States is a party; and (3) the collection of debts owed the Federal government which are administratively uncollectible.

The United States Attorney’s Office also responds to the public safety needs of the community by leading an effective, well-coordinated law enforcement effort that contributes to the overall goal of improving the quality of life in the Middle District of Tennessee.

The U.S. Attorney represents the Department of Justice in Middle Tennessee, enforcing federal law to ensure the health and safety of Tennessee’s citizens. The U.S. Attorney should not be confused with the Tennessee State Attorney General, whose responsibilities encompass state law. The U.S. Attorney prosecutes federal crimes, enforces federal law on federal facilities, enforces civil statutes and defends the United States against lawsuits.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Tennessee has about 65 employees, including 32 lawyers who are called Assistant United States Attorneys (AUSAs). Outstanding work is done every day in this office on behalf of the United States. Yet, neither the office, nor the interests we serve, remain stagnant. We must vigilantly continue to assess our strengths and weaknesses to meet the changing demands on our time and resources. To a large extent, our office goals and objective parallel the goals and objectives of the Department of Justice. We are committed to the priorities set out by the Attorney General and President.

U. S. Attorney’s Office Priorities:

I. Protect against the threat of terrorism by providing leadership and coordination in preventing terrorism, investigating allegations of terrorist activity, and vigorously prosecuting those who have committed, or intend to commit terrorist acts in the Middle District of Tennessee.

II. Enforce Federal criminal laws, especially the Attorney General’s priority areas of firearms violations, illegal drugs, violent crime, and corporate fraud, all to protect and secure the citizens and communities in the Middle District of Tennessee.

III. Protect the rights and interests of our citizens and client agencies by legal representation, enforcement of federal civil laws and defense of U.S. interests in the Middle District of Tennessee.

IV. Ensure professionalism, excellence, accountability, and integrity in the management and conduct of the United States Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Tennessee.

V. Improve and maximize overall support, effectiveness, and efficiency of the administrative team.

Updated August 31, 2015