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Victim Witness Assistance

The Victim Witness Unit in each United States Attorney's Office was established to carry out the mandates of the Federal Victim and Witness Protection Act of 1982 and subsequent legislation. These victim/witness assistance and protection laws apply to all victims and witnesses of federal crime who have suffered physical, financial, or emotional trauma. This office is committed to ensuring that federal crime victims are afforded all rights to which they are entitled by law.

Victim Information

Being a victim or witness to a crime can be a difficult and even traumatic experience. Victims and witnesses may feel frustrated, confused or overwhelmed trying to navigate the unfamiliar ways of the criminal justice system alone. The Victim Witness Unit personnel are here to assist, guiding victims and witnesses through the criminal justice system as well as obtaining and providing appropriate services, support, and notifications. Learn more

Witness Information

The federal justice system cannot function without the participation of witnesses. You may be subpoenaed at some point for a federal criminal proceeding, whether it be grand jury, trial or another type of hearing. Witnesses who receive a subpoena and appear for a court proceeding are entitled to certain reimbursements. If you receive a subpoena, you should contact the Victim Witness Unit as soon as possible to discuss transportation, lodging, reimbursement information and other witness related assistance.

The United States Attorney's Office understands that being a victim and/or witness in a federal case may cause concerns for the safety of you and your family. If an emergency situation arises, call 911 or your local emergency number to reach law enforcement immediately.

It is a Federal offense to threaten, intimidate, harass or mislead a witness in a criminal proceeding. If you feel you have been threatened or harassed due to your involvement as a victim or witness in a federal case, contact the case agent or the Assistant United States Attorney assigned to the case.

If you have any questions about your appearance or the status of the criminal case, please contact the Victim Witness Unit. Learn more


The Department of Justice has established the Office of the Victims’ Rights Ombudsman to receive and investigate complaints filed by crime victims against its employees. If you are a federal crime victim and believe that an employee of the United States Attorney's Office failed to provide you with one or more of these rights, you may file an administrative complaint, as provided under 28 CFR § 41.10.” Learn more

Case Updates (Multi-Victim Cases)

In general, the Government attempts to identify each victim in a given case, and to provide those victims with the information relevant to the case through the Department of Justice’s Victim Notification System. In cases where, due to the number of victims involved, or for other reasons, such notification is impracticable, the Government may use other methods to communicate with victims, including posting relevant information online. Click on the link below for more detailed information about specific cases: Learn more

If you have any questions, please contact:

John Hernandez
Victim Witness Coordinator
United States Attorney’s Office
Middle District of Tennessee
719 Church St.
Suite 3300
Nashville, TN 37203
Office: (615) 401-6669

Updated June 1, 2023