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Civil Division

The Civil Division is supervised by the Civil Division Chief. The Civil Division is generally responsible for representing the interests of the United States in a wide variety of cases.

Defensive Litigation - Frequently the Division is called upon to defend federal government agencies which have been sued as permitted by law including tort suits, employment discrimination cases, judicial appeals of administrative decisions denying applications for Social Security disability benefits, and suits filed by federal prisoners.

Affirmative Civil Enforcement - The Civil Division represents the United States in a number of different kinds of civil affirmative enforcement cases ranging from the enforcement of IRS summonses issued by the IRS to False Claims Act cases.

Civil Rights Enforcement - The Civil Division cases include complaints to enforce the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Fair Housing Act and other civil rights statutes.

Bankruptcy Litigation - The Civil Division protects the interests of federal government agencies which are owed money by persons filing bankruptcy.

Financial Litigation - The Financial Litigation Unit (FLU) is responsible for reducing to judgment a variety of civil debts owed to various federal agencies and then taking all appropriate steps to collect those judgments. In addition the FLU is responsible for the collection of assessments, fines, and restitution imposed on defendants in federal criminal cases.

Updated January 29, 2015